Black women dating thugs


YouTube Premium Loading. Get YouTube without the ads. Working. Skip trial 1 month free. Find out why Close. Do Black Women Prefer Thugs Over Good Men? Ask Nathaniel. Loading. Unsubscribe from Ask The Real Reason Why Some Black Women Choose Thugs, Gangstas, Ex-Cons and other Bums over “Good Black Men” A lot of hardworking good brothers with good jobs often wonder why Black women often pass them up for thugs, gangstas, ex-cons and other assorted bums. On Professional Black women dating thugs. Women wanting thugs. Blogger discussing the "Bad Boy Allure". _____ Comments For This Post Are Now Closed! This post is almost 3 years old. See a part 2 for this post here. although comments for that post will be closed soon as well.


Black women dating thugs
Black women may be attracted to thugs and players because they are sexy, exciting and deliver in bed, but must remember not to fall in love. Dating Thugs, Players. Black Thugs Sought After Raping White Woman Over Dating Outside Her Race by Donn Marten In a shocking incident that has hate crime written all over it, a white woman was allegedly abducted, assaulted and raped by two black thugs to discourage her from dating a black man. Black Women Only Want Thugs” is a Load of Crap By Dara in black culture, race with 58 comments The other day, I listened to a Black man, for the umpteenth time, admonish Black women to stop overlooking nice guys for those bad boy thugs we love so much.


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Many black women in today's society pass over the nice guys and choose to date the thugs and bad boys which explains why many of them are over 30 and single with two kids by deadbeat men. But these dudes spend their time trying to convince women that it is our fault for not choosing this fabled, little seen creature who is allegedly in abundance but we are too choosy and like thugs to find one The Proverbial Good Black Man. I have an eclectic mix of black lady friends on the social media who expand from California to New York.


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Why These Black Men Don't Date Black Women Iyanla Fix My Life Oprah Winfrey Network - Duration. OWN 1,887,419 views Thug Lovin “Black Women’s Undying Love For Thugs.” May 21, 2014 Uncategorized African American Women, Black Culture, Black men, Thugs jjermane80 It’s no secret that black women or women in general, are attracted to a man with some kind of power or influence.

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